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Hosted Payments

Paymentsite Hosted Payments is a hosted payment processing solution that allows merchants to collect payments from a web page without concerns about Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards for collecting and storing sensitive customer information.


Example HTML form code that shows the fields that might be submitted for a credit card sale. The merchant can choose which fields they wish to collect themselves and which they want the Paymentsite Hosted Payments page to collect. If the merchant wishes to avoid the hassles associated with PCI standards, they should NOT collect any card or bank account information on their own servers.

The posting URL to use for testing Hosted Payments is as follows.
Posting URL for test Hosted Payments : https://apiint.paymentsite.com/hostpay/HostPay
When passing transactions through a test account a simulated payment gateway will be used. To pass a successful transaction to the engine that approves pass an even dollar amount such as $100.00. To simulate failed transactions and get a decline, pass an odd number such as $100.01. To simulate a partial payment pass a value between $300.00 to $399.99. Don't forget odd numbers will decline.

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